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32 Thoughts to “Ghana Nti: I can’t think far about how fresh recruits are handled in the security forces | #Yencomgh”

  1. rossitentve1980

    First one!

  2. rossitentve1980

    Thank you for this video!

  3. rossitentve1980

    Truly engaging video!!

  4. rossitentve1980

    Tremendously thought out! Found myself staring at it for minutes.

  5. headdmoslether1984

    Tremendously thought out! Found myself staring at it for minutes.

  6. headdmoslether1984

    Thank you

  7. uwgerrisyn1989

    Excellent. So elegant.

  8. inucinop1986

    Extra excellent!!

  9. inucinop1986

    Great channel and Awesome video!

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    Mission accomplished. It’s sublime m8

  11. lecodise1985

    My 60 year old uncle rates this video very nice!!

  12. lecodise1985

    Minimal. So gorgeous.

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    I like your vodeo m8

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    Super nice.

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    Just graceful mate

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    Thank you

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    Nice story!

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  20. oconpraton1986

    You just won the internet!

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    Engaging camera angle =)

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  23. chielefiri1981

    Thumbs up if you are watching this!

  24. chielefiri1981

    Awesome video!?

  25. chielefiri1981

    You are so inspiring!

  26. pergnicorthe1989

    Let me take a nap… great shot, anyway.

  27. bunkporita1970

    Just fabulous =)

  28. tintilobull1976

    This video has navigated right into my heart.

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    Fabulous video you have here.

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    This is amazing work, friend.

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