Nigeria experiencing ‘graveyard peace’ – Fani-Kayode reacts to Global Terror Index rating

The former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, on Friday declared that Federal Republic of Nigeria was experiencing the “peace of the graveyard”. Fani-Kayode same this in response to the world Terror Index that hierarchical Federal Republic of Nigeria because the third most terrorized country within the world. In a tweet, the Peoples political party, PDP, chieftain wrote: “How any right-thinking person will still claim that Federal Republic of Nigeria is safe and secure once the International world Terror Index has simply proclaimed that we have a tendency to are the “third most terrorized country within the world” very baffles Maine. “What we have a tendency to are experiencing is that the peace of the site.” the world act of terrorism Index, had on Wed, free its 2018 ranking whereby Federal Republic of Nigeria maintained third position. consistent with the report, Federal Republic of Nigeria was behind war-ravaged countries like Iraq, Asian country. The report same deaths from act of terrorism in Federal Republic of Nigeria fell to one,532 in 2017, a decrease of sixteen per cent from the previous year. there have been sixty three per cent and thirty four per cent drop by deaths within the country in 2016 and 2015 severally, consistent with the report. The report reads, “When compared to the height of terrorist deaths in 2014, the most important falls within the variety of deaths occurred in Iraq, Nigeria, and Asian country, with falls of half-dozen,466, 5,950, and 912 deaths severally. “This highlights the effectiveness of the counter-insurgency operations undertaken in Federal Republic of Nigeria and its neighbours, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad,” the report same, adding that the planet has additionally skilled a drop by deaths from act of terrorism in 2017.” The GTI, whereas analyzing world trends in act of terrorism in 2017, delineate the reduction in deaths in Federal Republic of Nigeria and Iraq “the most dramatic”. Boko Haram attacks, the report same, have considerably reduced in Chad and different neighbor countries; and Al-Shabaab, in 2017 overtook Boko Haram because the deadliest terror cluster in Sub-Saharan Africa. The GTI report raised concern over the killings by herdsmen, expression act of terrorism was shifting from Nigeria’s North-east region to the country’s Middle-Belt. “In Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2018, there has been a dramatic increase in violence involving Fulani extremists as deaths committed by Boko Haram are falling. “In 2018 alone, deaths committed by unsettled Fulani herders are calculable to be sixfold bigger than the quantity committed by Boko Haram. “In 2017, 327 act of terrorism deaths across Federal Republic of Nigeria and French Sudan were reportedly committed by Fulani extremists, together with two,501 extra deaths within the 3 years previous with the overwhelming majority of those deaths being civilians. “While deaths (killings) committed by Fulani extremists diminished following the height of one,169 deaths in 2014, violence from the cluster in 2018 is anticipated to surpass that peak. Nearly 1,700 violent deaths are attributed to the Fulani Ethnic Militia from January to Gregorian calendar month 2018. Associate in Nursing calculable eighty nine per cent of these killed were civilians,” the report added .

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