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11 Thoughts to “Street Quiz Ghana: What Would Be Your Message to the President Should You Meet Him? |”

  1. sorgponmokin1989

    Just graceful mate

  2. chadebigno1979

    Mission accomplished. It’s graceful, friend.

  3. pectachefsgua1977

    First one!

  4. looptorada1986

    Just classic!

  5. selanmoores1987


  6. lomohemaz1978

    Aquamarine. This is new school.

  7. abprospasmens1984

    Such incredible.

  8. abprospasmens1984


  9. abprospasmens1984


  10. oginrema1980

    Extra excellent!!

  11. tiogranepcu1978

    Very thought out! This is new school.

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