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Why, election, boycott, option, – The Sun NigeriaWhy election boycott is not an option – The Sun Nigeria.
While Nigeria is preparing for what is possibly the most important election in its history, some citizens are attempting the suicide option of an election boycott even at a time when they have the best opportunity to make a very bold statement with their votes and at a time historical facts globally show that election boycotts do not work and, in fact, is to the grave disadvantage of the boycotters.This is true considering that those who are calling for the boycott of the forthcoming Nigerian elections seem to actually be those in more desperate need of a change of government that has been tyrannical and oppressive to them.Indeed, several of them have lost their lives while agitating for their cause.That Nnamdi Kanu is abroad today against his will is because we have a government that would not allow him associate freely or enjoy his other constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights.The first strategic step for him and IPOB to take is to make their number count in this election and vote out the government that has been repressive to them.In fact, the best vengeance they can and should exert on President Muhammadu Buhari and his government is to head for the polls on February 16.Thereafter, they could have the space to pursue their legitimate agitations decently and without being hounded by anyone.But calling for an election boycott in a region where the president’s major challenger, who also is a liberal democrat with listening ears, has his brightest chances amounts to uncounted but very effective vote to the incumbent even before the elections kick off.There must first be life before referendum.The need to stay alive is why Nnamdi Kanu fled Nigeria to other countries.Even he realises the need to stay alive in order to fight for a deserving referendum.But when you have a man that is determined to crush you and your followers because of your beliefs and socio-political causes as president, the chances of you achieving your goals become very slim while your followers continue to remain endangered species in the land.There is no better time and opportunity to prove to Buhari that IPOB as an institution has the power to make kings and unseat presidents other than the 2019 presidential election.It would be the kind of statement that would further boost IPOB’s image before the international community as an institution of strategy that wields enormous powers that can change the course of a nation according to their own wishes any time, any day.It was Matthew Frankel who said “…boycott itself is generally disastrous for the boycotting party.Individuals and parties tend to boycott elections in order to protest the policies of the ruling regime with the hopes that voters will choose not to show up, thus rendering the election illegitimate in the eyes of the world…this result is rarely achieved and the boycotting party often becomes completely detached from the organs of power, setting itself up for further setbacks.” This is an indisputable fact as th
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